Warning: Canada offers hint of demagoguery possible in U.S., say critics

Tucker Carlson had a warning for U.S. listeners about lessons to be learned from Canada. (Screen Capture – YouTube, Fox News)

One prominent U.S. politician and a major cable news evening commentator are suggesting to the public that what has been happening in Canada in connection with the Freedom Convoy truckers in Ottawa is possible in the United States.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was quoted by Fox News stating, “I think statutes that allow presidents or heads of state to invoke emergencies are very, very dangerous.” He was speaking during a BASED Politics podcast. “We have the same sort of statutes here, and I have long-time been an opponent of these. We actually have in the United States an Emergency Act that allows the president to shut down the internet.”

North of the border, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has cracked down on the truckers, invoking the Emergencies Act which allowed him to cut off their funding and freeze their bank accounts.

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During his Monday evening broadcast on Fox News, commentator Tucker Carlson warned about national political leaders not wishing to surrender their dictatorial powers exercised during the COVID-19 pandemic, are wondering, “How do you make this moment last forever?”


“There’s only one way,” Carlson said. “You must find a new emergency that justifies making your powers permanent. If you’re going to remain god, you’re going to need the devil to fight. So, if you’re wondering why so many western leaders suddenly are vilifying their own populations, people they were supposed to represent, this is why. Find an enemy, create a crisis, stay in power forever. It’s the oldest recipe for tyranny that there is. If we don’t recognize it in our own age, it’s only because nothing like this was supposed to happen in a democracy, but it is happening, most clearly in Canada.”

Carlson accused Trudeau of using the trucker strike, which he described as peaceful, “to declare martial law.”

“Trudeau seized control of the police,” Carlson asserted. “He shut down opposition media coverage. He declared himself the final arbiter of all financial transactions in the nation of Canada. These are dictatorial powers, but they were necessary, Trudeau explained, because this was an emergency.”

Here in the U.S., one might observe, the looming crisis isn’t a truck convoy but the problem with Russia and the Ukraine.

It is the sort of scenario that leads to conspiracy theories.

But that’s not all. A reader wishing to remain anonymous advised that his son has been contacted by a reporter at the Salt Lake Tribune, asking about a contribution the son apparently made to the Freedom Convoy in Canada. Information about the donors was apparently obtained by a hacker.

“Your name and email address appeared in leaked data from GiveSendGo contributions to the Canadian trucker convoy,” said a message from the reporter. “Why did you decide to donate to the campaign?”

The son’s reply was bristling. It read, in part, “I am an American citizen and I have the absolute right to spend/donate my money to whoever or whatever I choose…”


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