WATCH: Biden Slips And Accidentally ADMITS That His Student Loan Bribe Was ILLEGAL

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The pandemic is over? Apparently so.

In his puff piece interview with “60 Minutes” that aired tonight, Joe Biden said more things that should doom his party forever than you can shake a stick at. Not that the media care, obviously, since even the interviewer couldn’t be bothered to follow up.

But one really amazing moment was at the Detroit Auto Show when a maskless Biden said “the pandemic is over” in a tone of voice like “well, duh” and also smirking like he was observing some really great news and he was always on our side.

But little did Presidementia realize what he was ALSO confessing when he said it. Watch the clip before we continue…


Biden might not have realized it, and no 60 Minutes journalists did, but luckily Charles Cooke did:

Why does Biden’s statement matter so much? I’ll tell you: It matters because the memo that the Biden administration released to justify his order rested entirely upon there being an ongoing emergency, and because, as Biden has just confirmed, there is no ongoing emergency.

Cooke points out that the admin also argued the pandemic is over earlier this year, “when ending Title 42 back in May.”

Three months before Biden’s move on student loans, the CDC concluded that the pandemic was no longer enough of an emergency to justify extraordinary measures at the border.

That, a quarter of a year later, the same administration asked us all to believe that the same pandemic was bad enough to justify giving hundreds of billions of dollars to college students was always utterly preposterous. Tonight, on 60 Minutes, President Biden confirmed as much in public.

Cooke concluded that “The courts — and the voters — must take note.”

Yes. But of course, they won’t. Which was the point of the bribe.


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