WATCH: Car with Anti-Trump Bumper Sticker Crashes into ‘New England for Trump Store’ in Massachusetts

Video of a car with an anti-Trump bumper sticker smashing into a store selling pro-Trump merchandise Thursday has been released by the Easton, Massachusetts Police Department.

The police department posted the video and details on its Facebook page, reporting that the car’s driver has been taken into custody:

“At approximately 5:10pm on Thursday June 16, 2022, Easton Police Officers were dispatched to 620 Washington Street (Route 138) for a reported vehicle crash into a building.

“Upon arrival, Officers discovered that a 2015 Volkswagen Jetta had crashed into the New England for Trump store located at the west end of the building.”

“A large sign in the style of Trump’s campaign signs advertises ‘T-shirts, hats, flags and more’ and Trump flags fill most of the windows,” local station WCVB reports, noting that the lone employee in the store at the time of the crash was unharmed.

A photo of one bumper sticker on the vehicle obtained by WCVB likens former President Donald Trump to the infamous German dictator, Adolph Hitler:

“Images from Brockton Enterprise photographer Marc Vasconcellos show several bumper stickers on the rear of the Jetta, including one with a photo of Trump. The sticker includes a Voltaire quote and a barcode on Trump’s upper lip appears to be a reference to Adolph Hitler.”

Ironically, the Voltaire quote on the bumper sticker warns that “THOSE WHO CAN MAKE YOU BELIEVE ABSURDITIES [doctored Trump photo] CAN MAKE YOU COMMIT ATROCITIES”.



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