WATCH: Georgia State Election Officials Approve Subpoena In Ballot Harvesting Investigation


If rain falls drop by drop and doesn’t cease there will eventually be a flood…

That is exactly what has been happening with evidence relating to the massive election fraud which took place in 2020; we have been seeing evidence trickle down for 2 years now, and this trickle is slowly turning into a flood.

Georgia is inundated by reports, stories, and affidavits all alleging that election fraud took place during the 2020 election, and an investigation was launched earlier this year to get to the bottom of left-wing election tampering.

Ballot harvesting was one the main concerns, as we recently saw one alleged ballot harvester admit to being paid $45,000 to ‘stuff’ ballots.

Left-wing activist groups have been accused of this type of election tampering nationwide, and a Time Magazine article from 2021 confirmed many of these allegations and theories…


The rich part? They reported on this gleefully and with pride. Why would they proudly report that they brazenly broke the law and subverted the democratic process?

When a group of individuals think they are morally righteous and fighting against ‘Hitler’, they will do anything and everything to carry out their crusade….

Even if that means undermining the precious ‘democracy’ they can’t seem to shut up about.

John Solomon of Just The News recently sat down with Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to discuss the ballot harvesting probe:

Testimony from a Georgia man who was paid thousands of dollars during the Nov election run-off for GA’s two U.S. Senate seats, ending GOP control of Congress.

An Investigation is still underway. SCOTUS rejected Dems efforts to overturn AZ Law prohibiting Ballot harvesting!

— @bratNvet #BackTheBlue #MAGA #DrillBabyDrill (@bratNvet) March 18, 2022

Just The News reports:

Officials said the new subpoena powers will be used by Raffensperger’s office to secure evidence from the election integrity group True the Vote, which filed a complaint in November saying it had acquired videotapes, a whistleblower’s admission and cell phone location records showing what appeared to be a widespread ballot harvesting operation in the November 2020 general election and January 2021 election runoff.

BREAKING: Dinesh D’Souza’s new videos shows over 2,000 ‘election fraud mules’. One in Georgia dropped ballots in 27 drop boxes in six different counties.

— Trump Tracker (@DJTrumpjr) March 2, 2022

House Republicans in Georgia passed a bill late Tuesday that will further, they believe, insulate the state against election fraud. #JustTheNews


— Just the News (@JustTheNews) March 16, 2022

In a related piece, Emerald Robinson highlights a bevy of election fraud affidavits submitted to the office of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp:

A local group called Georgia Patriots (led by Holly Kelser) showed up to deliver about 40,000 sworn affidavits regarding 2020 election fraud to the office of Governor Brian Kemp. Needless to say, they were not exactly thrilled to see us.

A group called Georgia Patriots legally served Governor Kemp with these affidavits but Governor Kemp was nowhere to be found.


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