WATCH: Is This The Best Trump Video We’ve Ever Seen?

Thank you so much to a reader who sent me this video.

The video is called “What You Didn’t Know About Trump…Because They Hid It From You.”

I posted it last week and in case you missed it I wanted to post it again…because I’ve received so many emails and such positive feedback from it.

One person (shoutout to Patty!) even wrote to say it was the “best Trump video she had ever seen”.

So I wanted to be sure you saw it.


I had actually never seen this before it was emailed to me, and I am so glad I did now.

You need to check this out, it’s so well done, so beautiful.

It will bring tears to your eyes as you look back over some of the moments of the last 4 years.

And it connects all the dots you may have missed.

But this is not just a retrospective.

No….I believe this is like a summary of the First Act and a prelude to the next 4 years that are coming.

So with that in mind, please enjoy:



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