WATCH: Looter Walks Out With 70-Inch TV From Seattle Target Marking His 22nd Theft From Same Store in Three Months

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A 55-year-old serial looter in Seattle was caught on tape stealing a 70-inch TV from a Target last month, marking “his 22nd theft from the same store in three months.”

“Newly released surveillance video shows a prolific shoplifter arrested in downtown Seattle after he stole a 70-inch television from a Target store last month, which staff claim was his 22nd instance of theft in just three months,” The Daily Mail reports.

“Career criminal John Ray Lomack, 55, who is believed to be homeless and has a rap sheet dating back to the ’80s, was caught on camera eyeing the TV in the store, loading it into a shopping cart and walking out of the store without attempting to pay.”


Lomack got arrested by police, accused them of racism and then got released by King County Superior Judge Melinda Young without bail.



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