WATCH: Man Hilariously Trolling Texas City Council Meeting on Trans Rights Is The Best Thing You Will See Today

The world is a scary place right now for sure, but we still need to laugh sometimes.

Enter Cassady Campbell, a Youtuber with a tenacity for trolling city council meetings in Texas.

His latest troll occurred at a city council meeting in Denton Texas about transgender rights.

Going by the name “Marty Epstein,” and wearing a Joe Biden t-shirt, he approached the podium.

He then launched into a satirical tirade against everything from the COVID-19 vaccine, to Donald Trump, to Vladimir Putin.


Pay attention to the people in the background.

The guy behind him could barely contain himself.

Cassady had several people questioning whether or not his performance was real or satirical on social media:

While this is all hilarious, it does speak to a bigger and more serious issue in our country.

Women’s sports, among other things, have been infiltrated by men.

Here’s a great video from PragerU on what this infiltration has meant for young aspiring female athletes


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