WATCH: OSU Student Leader Says He Wants Schools to Teach Black People They’re “Superior” Because He “Full-Heartedly” Believes They Are [VIDEO]

A member of Ohio State University’s student government is facing backlash after being recorded in a meeting saying he believes black people are “superior.”

While presenting at a General Assembly meeting, third-year student John Fuller was presenting on anti-critical race theory legislation when he stated that he would like to see a world in which black people are taught that they are the superior race.

“I would absolutely love to live in a world where black people are taught that they are superior,” said Fuller. “I would love it. Because I full-heartedly believe that.”

“White people are inferior,” continued Fuller. “And I’m gonna say that right now because this is my space to say that, but like I do believe that black people are superior.

What is truly sad is that this student has been raised to believe that one race is better than the other and, in his mind, the only way to solve racism is to recognize one race as “superior” to another. This kind of idiotic reasoning is what will continue to perpetuate racial divides and deepen racist rhetoric.


Following this meeting, student body president Jacob Chang reported that after Fuller made these comments, General Assembly speaker Bobby McAlpine made it clear that the chamber does not support his rhetoric. There was also a discussion of impeaching Fuller, but the process of impeachment wouldn’t have concluded until after his final day in the student government.

“The comments made during the General Assembly session is fundamentally, like, diverging from our values as the student government of Ohio State.” said Chang. “I think we need to stand in solidarity with all people of color and anyone who suffers from racism, but we need to do it from a space that is unilaterally empowering everyone around them, instead of like single out one group.”

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  1. schools are there to teach FACTS. your belief, ms fuller, does not and never will constitute fact. religion maybe, but fact? NEVER. i suggest you start your own religion- i am quite sure that your entire hullible ‘race’ will share your ‘belief’ and join your religion. you got a great future ahead of you… NOT!

  2. if not for sports scholarships and affimative action- you would NOT see any PoC in collegia. prove me wrong….

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