WATCH: Parent Exposes School Board by Showing Pictures of Maskless Board Members While Mandating Muzzles on Children

Footage uploaded to Tik Tok shows a disgruntled parent confronting members of her local school board about their hypocrisy of mandating masks on children while board members go into large crowds maskless.

The parent displays social media pictures where board members galivant in social settings without a mask, which is a stark contrast to the non-stop masking kids suffer at school.

“Here’s a picture of you, right here on Facebook, with a crowd of people with no mask on,” the parent told a school board member.

“That’s it!” a board member yelled, pounding her fist on the desk.

The mother argued, “This is my time. Here’s another picture of you with no mask on.”


Watch the clip shared by Libs of Tik Tok:

The board member gets triggered by the parent exposing her hypocrisy and orders the discussion to remain on the students.

However, she fails to understand this has everything to do with the students of her district.

While corrupt board members enact abusive policies against innocent children, they don’t want to follow those same rules.

Like celebrities and politicians, school board members provide a shining example of “rules for thee, but not for me.”

Infowars reported:

The triggered school board member replied, “If you are going to sit there and disparage a member of our school board, then you can sit down.”

The board member then called on a police officer to remove the woman from the meeting.

“Really? Are you that scared?” the parent asked.

In “part 2” of the encounter, the frustrated school board member got up from her seat and walked out of the room.

The woman speaking at the podium, who was not removed by the officer, told the board member, “We’re coming for your seat.”

“You can have my seat,” the upset school board member said as she left the room. “It’s all yours.”

Next, the parent speaking told other parents that if they wanted to fill the newly-vacated school board seat they could come to an upcoming meeting.

Parents are fed up with communistic school boards that have abused their children for the past two years.

And they’re taking the American education system back one corrupt school board at a time.

As we’ve reported, surety bonds have provided a helping hand putting out-of-control school boards in their place:

(WATCH) What are Surety Bonds? Is THIS the Blueprint to Finally Defeat Corrupt School Boards & Other Tyrants?

The next step is getting these child abusers out of their positions of power and replace them with individuals who care for the well-being of kids.


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