WATCH: Trump Gets Cheered By Crowd At Kentucky Derby With Chants Of ‘USA, USA!’

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Democrats and the media have done everything they can think of to try to make Trump a toxic figure.

It clearly hasn’t worked.

Trump showed up at the recent Kentucky Derby and got cheered by the crowd.

The Courier Journal reports:


Former President Trump greeted with cheers at 148th Kentucky Derby

Former President Donald Trump was spotted at the 2022 Kentucky Derby roughly an hour before the day’s main race was set to begin.

Around 5:30 p.m., FBI agents and state troopers cleared an area near the entrance to the Finish Line Suites and Stakes Room, dropping a metal gate on one side and an opaque white curtain on the other.

The curtain lifted a little after 6 p.m., and a small crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of the former president dispersed without seeing him.

Derbygoers in the Stakes Room confirmed Trump’s arrival, and a Courier Journal photographer spotted Trump on a balcony overlooking the track soon after.

Ten minutes prior to the Derby race start the crowd cheered as Trump appeared on the big screen overlooking the racetrack…

The event’s host is “MAGA, Again!”, a Trump-aligned super PAC, according to a copy of an invitation a New York Times reporter recently tweeted out.

See the videos below:

Democrats will never understand Trump’s appeal to so many Americans.

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