WATCH: Tucker says FBI still doesn’t know who planted Jan 6th pipe bombs and now Kamala Harris is part of the story

Tucker Carlson revealed on his show last night that the FBI still doesn’t know who planted the pipe bombs on January 6th. But what’s more interesting about this is how Kamala Harris is now central to the pipe bomb story.


In short, Tucker reveals that Kamala Harris wasn’t at the Capitol building like the DOJ initially claimed. She was at the DNC and it was her team that found the first pipe bomb, one minute before rioters ran on the Capitol.

The FBI had claimed that the pipe bombs were set to distract Capitol police from the riot. But Tucker wonders how the ‘pipe bomber’ would have known that Kamala would be at the DNC to find the bomb one minute before the riot.


Tucker also wonders why this hasn’t been bigger news until now, that the nation’s first black Vice President came just feet away from a pipe bomb on January 6th. Why has Kamala kept quiet about it? And why won’t the FBI release ALL their video of the pipe bomber so that people can help identify him?

Watch the video for more…


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