WE HAVE THE VIDEO: George Soros Admits To Working With Nazis?

It’s been said that as soon as you call someone a “Nazi” in an argument, you lose the argument.

Fair enough, and probably true.

Just remember all the people with Trump Derangement Syndrome calling Trump a Nazi when it made literally no sense.

Trump did more for Israel that any other President we have ever had, hands down.

But what about the people still alive on the Earth today who were actual Nazi’s?


Or Nazi sympathizers?

People like George Soros?

Let’s investigate…

Soros gets called a Nazi a lot on Twitter (and elsewhere) but let’s examine just a few of the recent posts on Twitter to start with:

Nazi George Soros with his best friend Nancy ???????? pic.twitter.com/jgpEwUDCNk

— America4True (@America4True777) April 5, 2022

And this:

Zelensky is the son of George Soros.

Soros was a jew that through his older boyfriend (a high ranking nazi) joined the SS through fraud in WW2.

From this position he happily disclosed the whereabouts of his fellow jews, he stole their assets and had them murdered.

Soros=Satan https://t.co/YQS5wFHaXC

— phoneixred (@phoneixred2) April 17, 2022

And this:

George Soros touts that Ukraine is a model “open society.”

Soros confessed he worked as a Nazi

This is what the Nazi world order would look like! Corrupt politicians, corrupt elections, corrupt business, corrupt paramilitary groups, poor population and a state of war since ‘14 pic.twitter.com/hUMguwxNz5

— Jake Cannon (@Jakejcannon) March 12, 2022

And this:

Give you a hard on thinking about your days in Nazi Germany? pic.twitter.com/kHOXhO7RF2

— @JayTikos4th Pennsylvania Patriot (@jaytikos4th) February 26, 2022

And lastly, this:

This man funds #ANTIFA.He is a real #NAZI.His name is @georgesoros pic.twitter.com/RzrGLzWtzW

— eri (@eriforfreedom) April 19, 2022

Ok, so where does all of this come from?

Is it just because the man is disliked?

Or because he looks and sounds evil?

Actually, that’s not the case at all.

It comes from his own words.

Watch this short two minute clip from an old episode of 60 Minutes saved to Rumble where he says it all in his own words and then look at the sick smile he gives when talking about the extermination of the Jews:

Oh and here’s one more.

From Rumble:

Let me give you even more…

This next text was written by our friend Matt Palumbo, who works closely with Dan Bongino.

Matt has a new book out where he goes deep into Soros’ Nazi roots.

Read this short clip from Bongino.com:

A widely seen 1998 interview on 60 Minutes of billionaire liberal financier George Soros discussing his role as a teenager in Nazi occupied Hungary is arguably the most damning footage of him out there, giving us incredible insight into his deranged mind. Despite his normally openly megalomaniacal behavior, the blowback to the comments made in that interview must have been damaging, as evidenced by the attempt to deny that Soros said what he said.

In a brazen attempt to protect his image, countless liberal “fact checkers” and publications ideologically sympathetic to Soros have tried to misrepresent the interview, and claim that his words were taken out of context (oddly without ever telling us what the correct context is supposed to be). Their misrepresentation of the 60 Minutes interview aside, that’s not the only source of information available.

Here’s the full story.

The following is an except from the book The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros

An ethnic Jew, Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 and survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary before moving to the U.K. in 1947. The Nazi occupation of Hungary began on March 19, 1944, forcing Soros into hiding until being liberated by the Russians on January 12, 1945.

In spring 1944, the Nazis ordered the creation of the Central Council of Hungarian Jews, which was tasked with communicating the wishes of the Nazis and local collaborating authorities to the Jewish community. The council included Jews who were aware of the Nazis’ atrocities but believed that they would be exempted from them. And they were exempted from persecution—initially.

Soros was part of the Council briefly before assuming his new identity. He recalled the experience in an interview with the New Yorker: “This was a profoundly important experience for me. My father said, ‘You should go ahead and deliver [the summonses], but tell the people that if they report they will be deported.’ The reply from one man was ‘I am a law-abiding citizen. They can’t do anything to me.’ I told my father, and that was an occasion for a lecture that there are times when you have laws that are immoral, and if you obey them you perish.”

George’s father Tivadar recalled that after George’s second day on the job, he returned home with a summons, to which Tivadar asked if George knew what it meant. George replied, “I can guess. They’ll be interned.” Tivadar then told him the Jewish Council has no right to give people orders like that, recalling in his memoir Masquerade: The Incredible True Story of How George Soros’ Father Outsmarted the Gestapo:

“I tried to tell the people I called on not to obey” he [George] said, clearly disappointed that I wouldn’t let him work anymore. He was beginning to enjoy his career as a courier: it was all a big adventure.

Soros’s biographer echoed similar sentiments, noting that “George had liked the excitement of being a courier but he obeyed his father without complaint.” Soros would later cite this experience as a reason for disliking fellow Jews for being collaborators, while exempting himself.

During the Nazi occupation, Soros’s father Tivadar Soros obtained papers giving his immediate family Christian identities. He decided to split up the family so that if one of them were outed as Jewish, the rest of the family had a chance of surviving.

After the family was split up for their own safety, Soros went to live as Sandor Kiss with a man named Baumbach, as arranged by his father. Baumbach was a friend of Tivadar, an official at the Ministry of Agriculture, and a Nazi collaborator. Baumbach played the role of Soros’s godfather. Soros would never acknowledge the role that Baumbach played in likely saving his life, and he died anonymously in 1999. His identity was later revealed in 2018 as Miklós Prohászka.

The “godfather” had the job of taking inventory of possessions seized from Jewish families—trips that Soros accompanied him on. During an interview Soros gave with 60 Minutes, host Steve Kroft asked, “My understanding is that you went…went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.” Some fact-checkers have attempted to “debunk” the implications of this interview by stating that Soros merely tagged along instead of actively participated in persecution—but Soros has no remorse even for doing that.

“I mean, that’s—that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?” Kroft asked.

“Not, not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don’t…you don’t see the connection. But it was—it created no—no problem at all,” Soros said emotionlessly.

“No feeling of guilt,” Kroft replied.


When asked how he couldn’t sympathize with other Jews being persecuted, Soros sociopathically replied by noting the “humor” in how his behavior then is similar to his behavior in finance, and then employed the old “just following orders” defense.

“Well, of course…I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn’t be there, because that was—well, actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in the markets—that if I weren’t there—of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would—would—would be taking it away anyhow. And it was the—whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the—I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.”

If you want to grab a copy of Matt’s new book, get it here: The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros

And now let’s end with one more deep dive…

Check this out:

FACT CHECK: Is Zelensky a Cousin of George Soros?


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    1. The far-left website , the world’s fifth largest website that pulls in over 6 billion visits per month, is the most read online encyclopedia of reference work in history. And yet conservatives know not to use the site’s references if you want to be taken seriously. That’s how badly the liberals have tarnished its once great reputation.

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      Last year, Sanger said of his once beloved creations, “Wikipedia is known now by everyone to have a lot of influence in the world. So there’s a very big, nasty, complex game being played behind the scenes to make the article say what somebody wants them to say.” In other words, leftists are now using the site’s popularity and it’s past notoriety on being a good source for information, something it hasn’t been for over a decade, to push leftist propaganda.

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