WH: 'President Biden Has Made Historic Progress on Actions to Reduce Gun Violence'

(CNSNews.com) – You’d never know it by the almost-daily headlines about mass shootings in America, but the White House wants you to believe that “President Biden has made historic progress on actions to reduce gun violence.”

In fact, that is the first sentence in the “gun violence” fact sheet posted Monday morning on the White House website.

According to the fact sheet, “the Biden Administration has taken more executive action to reduce gun violence than any other president at this point in their administration.”

The White House listed “21 ways the Biden Administration has already used executive action to make our communities safer,” including:

— issuing a final rule to curb the proliferation of unserialized, privately made “ghost” guns.


— increasing resources dedicated to district specific violent crime strategies.

— proposing a rule to “better regulate” firearm stabilizing braces that “effectively turn pistols into short-barreled rifles.

— urging cities and states to use American Rescue Plan fundingn to reduce gun violence.

— launching five new strike forces to reduce firearms trafficking.

— implementing a new, zero-tolerance policy for federally licensed firearms dealers who “willfully” break the law.

You can read all 21 executive action items here. Some involve regulation and funding and policy changes, as noted above. Others involve letters, guides, reports and recommendations.

“But there is so much more that can and must be done to save lives,” the fact sheet says.

“The President will continue to urge Congress to take further legislative action to keep dangerous guns out of dangerous hands, including a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, strengthening background checks, and enacting safe storage laws.”


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