WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: ‘We're Going to Do This in a Safe and Orderly, Humane Way’

(CNSNews.com) – White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Thursday that the Biden administration is prepared to deal with the increased influx of migrants over the southern border “in a safe and orderly, humane way” as Title 42 comes to an end next week.

Jean-Pierre urged Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform plan in the meantime, and she blamed the Trump administration for “completely” gutting the system.

The press secretary said that there are more Border Patrol agents on the border than there ever was before thanks to President Biden.

REPORTER: On immigration, we talked to so many Border Patrol agents and leaders who are just really worried about the possibility of Title 42 ending next week. Big picture, what is the administration doing right now to get ready for that?

JEAN-PIERRE: So a couple of things that I want to lay out, and I kind of laid this out before, but I want to reiterate here is that we’re doing the work. We’re going to do this in a safe and orderly, humane way, and we will have more to share on the proposed preparedness next week before the December 21st date, but look, we also need Congress to act.

It is important that they deliver the resources we requested for the border security and management. They need to pass the comprehensive immigration reform that we have put forth. 

On day one, the president put forth a comprehensive reform plan that dealt with protecting– for Dreamers, protecting for Dreamers, cutting down the asylum buildup that we have been seeing, especially because of what the last administration did, and they completely gutted the system, and we know that this has been a multi-decade-long problem.

We need to modernize the system, and this is something that the president has put forth, and we are looking for Congress to act. We are asking for Congress to act, and so, but in the meantime, what we have been able to do as the president, as I’ve mentioned before, has been able to secure historic funding.

We have 23,000 border security agents at the border, and that is the most amount that we’ve ever had, and that’s because of what the president has been able to do, and we have worked to launch a historic anti-smuggling operations that are taking thousands of smugglers off the streets, but look, the reality is we need Congress to take action. 

We need to do this in a bipartisan way as we have done, as the president has been able to do more than 200 times during his administration.

REPORTER: There’s been some reporting out there that the administration is considering changes to the asylum policy, potentially making it so that someone can only apply for asylum if they have already been denied by another country like Mexico. Is that true? Is the administration considering any changes to policy?

JEAN-PIERRE: So look, I know there’s a lot of rumors out there about that, a lot of speculation. I don’t have anything to announce at this time or from here at this time. What I encourage people to do is to read the Department of Homeland Security. They put forth a six-point plan on how they’re going to move forward with dealing with the post-December 21st deadline when Title 42 indeed lifts, but don’t have anything more to announce about any new plans from here.


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