WH Press Secretary: This Is a President That Has Taken Actions ‘When It Comes to Working to Secure the Border’

(CNSNews.com) – The White House said Wednesday that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to install more than 100 miles of razor wire on federal land in the Rio Grande Canal as a way to deal with the increase in migrants illegally crossing the southern border is “another political stunt.”

“Texas Governor Greg Abbott has installed more than 130 miles of razor wire on federal land in the Rio — in the Rio Grande canal.  Abbott didn’t seek the required permits to do this and has kind of — and doubled down on — yesterday on Twitter, saying that they are not going to ask permission to do this. Does the administration plan to sue Texas, like they did in Arizona over former Governor Doug Ducey’s makeshift border barrier?” a reporter asked.

“That’s a question for the Department of Justice. I don’t have anything to share here, but more broadly on the governor in Texas, these — this is another political stunt that we’ve seen from him over and over again,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday.

“Instead of dealing with an issue in a way that can actually have results, he continues to have political — do these political stunts, and it’s unfortunate, because what it’s going to do is actually hurt the communities that he is supposed to represent, and this is a president that has — when it comes to working to secure the border, dealing with a real issue, he’s taken actions,” she said.

“He catched — he’s catched record levels of fentanyl because of the work that he’s done, because of the record levels of funding. We support 23,000 agents, the most ever working to secure the border, and we taken — we take more than 8,000 smugglers off the street,” the press secretary said.


“We want solutions. We want real solutions that they are going to matter to the American people, and that’s not what Governor Abbott is all about,” Jean-Pierre said.


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