WH Press Secretary: ‘You Saw What the Republicans Were All About, Which Was Jeering and Behaving in a Way’ That Americans Don’t Want

(CNSNews.com) – White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday that while President Biden talked about the progress he’s made during the past two years during his State of the Union address last night, Republicans were “jeering and behaving in a way” that Americans don’t want.

As CNSNews.com reported, Biden accused Republicans of trying to cut Social Security and Medicare, which prompted jeers from GOP members of Congress.

When asked for Biden’s reaction to Republicans jeering him, Jean-Pierre told reporters during a gaggle on board Air Force One en route to DeForest, Wis., “Look, I think what you saw last night is a president that was very clear on how he sees the next two years. It was a president that talked about the progress that he’s made the last two years.

“If you talk about the split-screen, right? You saw that from the president, and you saw what the Republicans were all about, which was jeering and behaving in a way that again Americans don’t want,” the press secretary said.

“They told us very clearly after the midterms what they wanted, so we know what approach that the American people want. We’re going with the approach of delivering, continuing to deliver on key important issues. You heard him talk about four of them last night, and so that’s going to be our focus,” she said.


When asked what Biden’s reaction was to Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivering the GOP response to his state of the union address, calling the president “unfit to serve” and believing in “woke fantasies,” Jean-Pierre said that Biden didn’t get to see the response in real time.

However, the press secretary said she spoke with him “just recently” about it.

So the way that we see it is just the choice is between political fighting over fake conspiracies and delivering for the American people.

The president is focused on the latter, which is fighting for the American people, fighting for all Americans, delivering on lowering health care costs for working families, delivering to make sure all of our kids can get a good education and feel safe at school, and so a lot of folks may say those are ‘normal.’

What is not normal is some politicians’ obsession over some of our most vulnerable kids or taking away women’s rights to make their own health care decisions or even teaching America’s history, so if Republican officials want to come together and deliver on the ‘normal’ is what we heard last night, things that Americans actually want, and Americans want us to deliver when you think about elected officials, and they want the president also to deliver and continue to do more.

So he laid out four areas just last night that he already worked on, and he wants to continue, right? You heard him say, he wants to finish the job that he started.


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