WH: ‘Republicans Lose Credibility When They Engage in Fake Outrage’

(CNSNews.com) – The White House on Tuesday accused Republicans of faking “outrage” over President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents “for partisan gain.”

“House Republicans lose credibility when they engage in fake outrage about an issue that they’re clearly pursuing only for partisan gain,” Ian Sams, spokesman for the White House counsel’s office, told reporters Tuesday.

“When it comes to Congress, we intend to review and respond to oversight inquiries in good faith. But we also expect members of Congress to show the same good faith,” Sams said.

NBC News White House Correspondent Peter Alexander asked: “The White House says Republicans are faking outrage on this issue. Why shouldn’t Americans be outraged about classified documents being found in a garage?”

“Look, and I think I’ve been very clear about this. We have answered questions on this at this podium. You’ve heard as Phil was saying twice from the president talk about this. We said that he didn’t know. He said that he’s surprised, and he said that he takes classified information and documents very, very seriously. We heard directly from the president on this issue,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded.


“Anything else, anything beyond that we’re just not going to talk about. There’s an investigation going on. There’s a legal process here as we’ve been very, very clear about. I will let the White House counsel talk about any specific details about that, but we’re going to be prudent here and make sure that we are not interfering in this process,” she said.

ALEXANDER: I guess that’s why I’m asking though, because you’ve said that you don’t want to interfere here and be prudent about the process, but the White House did post a statement saying that Republicans are faking outrage, so to that point, why shouldn’t Americans be upset about documents found in a garage.

JEAN-PIERRE: That’s for the American people to decide. That is for you all I’m sure gonna talk to many folks out there and have that conversation, but what we do know from polling that we have seen over and over again, from your coverage, from what we hear, what the president goes out and talks to the American people, they also care about the economy. 

They also care about what is the president doing to lower costs, which is why he took historic actions in making sure that gas prices went down at the gas pump, and we saw that happen by more than $1.70, and that’s the work that the president’s going to focus on. You think about the Inflation Reduction Act. 

That’s going to lower prescription drug costs, lower medical costs, when you think about that— lower energy costs, so that’s going to be our focus here. We know that’s what the American people truly care about as well, and it is very important for them that we do that work.


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