WH: Texas Judge’s Ruling on Abortion Drug 'Interferes with a Woman’s Ability to Make Decisions About Her Own Body’

(CNSNews.com) – The White House on Monday criticized a Texas judge’s ruling suspending FDA approval of mifepristone, one of two drugs used together to cause abortion, saying that the decision puts women’s health at risk.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the drug is not only used for abortions, but also to help women manage miscarriages.

“Over the weekend, a single court in Texas has taken the dangerous steps of rejecting FDA’s scientific approval of mifepristone, a medication that has been on the market for more than 20 years and is used safely in more than 60 countries, providing critical care for women,” she said.

“This court decision threatens access to this medication, which is used not only for abortion but also for other critical purs- — purposes, like helping women manage miscarriages,” the press secretary said.

“If the decision stands, it will put women’s health at risk and undermine the FDA’s ability to ensure patients have access to safe and effective medications when they need them the most,” Jean-Pierre said.


“This decision further stripes [strips] away Americans’ fundamental freedoms and interferes with a woman’s ability to make decisions about her own body, and it’s another step towards the ultimate goal that we’ve heard over and over again from anti-choice officials that both the state and — at the both the state and national level: eliminating access to abortion for all women in every state,” she said.

“It is also an attack on FDA’s authority to review and approve a wide range of safe and effective medication for Americans and could open the floodgates for other medications to be targeted and denied to people who need them,” the press secretary said.

“So, we were prepared for this outcome, and as you all saw, the Department of Justice appealed the court’s decision and is seeking a stay, standing — stay pending appeal, but I want to be clear, because there is a lot of bad misinformation out there,” Jean-Pierre said.

“Mifepristone continues to be available and approved for the time being. Again, mifepristone continues to be approved and available for the time being,” she said.

“This administration stands by the FDA and is prepared to — for this legal fight, and we will continue our work to protect reproductive rights to ensure that women can make their own decisions about their own bodies without government interfering,” Jean-Pierre added.


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