White House Convenes Task Force to Combat Online Harassment and Abuse

(CNSNews.com) – One month after the Homeland Security Department disbanded its “Disinformation Governance Board” amid an outcry over censorship, the Biden administration is at it again.

You won’t find an announcement on the White House website, but press reports say a new White House task force aimed at combating online harassment and abuse will hold its first meeting today.

According to The Hill:

“A new White House task force aimed at combating online harassment and abuse will convene for its first meeting Thursday, bringing together officials across the administration to address growing concerns around online hate and the connection to gender-based violence.

“The task force is being launched by Vice President Harris and will be co-chaired by the Gender Policy Council and the National Security Council, the White House announced…

“…Administration officials said they are mindful of First Amendment issues in launching the new task force, but said the group is particularly focused on online activities that are illegal conduct, including cyber stalking or the distribution of non-consensual intimate images or targeted harassment.”

The task force is expected to provide “recommendations” in 180 days “on how the federal government, private sector and civil society can better combat online harassment and abuse.”

President Biden established the White House Gender Policy Council in March 2021 to “to advance gender equity and equality in both domestic and foreign policy development and implementation.”


He directed the Council to “coordinate a comprehensive, interagency response to gender-based violence at home and abroad, including intervention, prevention, and public health strategies to reduce incidence and impacts.”


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