White House Counsel Spokesman: 'We're Going to Continue to Try to Provide Information'

(CNSNews.com) – The discovery of multiple classified documents in multiple locations used by Joe Biden gives rise to multiple questions — and multiple refusals to answer by the Biden White House.

On Wednesday, Ian Sams, the spokesman for the White House Counsel’s office, met with reporters — referring their questions to other agencies or using the excuse that he can’t talk about a matter that a special counsel is now investigating.

“I think we’ve been pretty transparent from the very beginning with providing information as it occurs throughout this process,” Sams insisted:

“Look, I think we’re providing information as this goes on and answering questions about the search activities as they’ve been happening.

“I don’t want to speak too much to the DOJ’s practices in an ongoing investigation. I can say, you know that we have cooperated fully. The president’s personal attorneys have provided information to DOJ. We’ve addressed openly and directly the searches that were conducted, first at the president’s Wilmington residence and then today at the Rehoboth residence.

“You saw in the statement that was released by the president’s personal attorney, for example, that no documents with classified markings were found in Rehoboth today.

“And so, you know, we’re going to continue to try to provide information as this investigation goes on and ensure that you guys have the ability to share with the American people sort of the information that is important for them to see as the president’s cooperating with this investigation.

“So, I don’t — so I want to be very careful to respect the integrity of that investigation. Not speak too much to the Justice Department’s decision-making and their activities. But as it’s appropriate like we did today, if we have information to share about activities that have been conducted, we will do that.”

A reporter wanted to know if anyone at the White House or Justice Department instructed the National Archives not to issue a press release about the discovery of classified material in Joe Biden’s possession.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) says the lawyer for the National Archives told him that he did write a press release about the discovery of classified material held by Biden, but he was ordered not to publish the press release.


Comer told Fox News Tuesday night, “There are only two people that could have given him those orders, and that’s either the Department of Justice with Merrick Garland or the White House with Joe Biden.”

Sams told reporters on Wednesday, “I don’t know anything about it. If that’s actually what he (the Archives lawyer) said, it’s probably better to ask the Archives if that’s actually what was said and try to understand a little bit more what he meant.”

Sams insisted that the White House Counsel’s Office is “being fully cooperative.”

“We’re offering up access to the president’s personal homes. You know, we’ve been cooperative with the Justice Department, ensuring that they have access to the materials and handing any materials that are found over to the Justice Department like initially was done with the National Archives.

“So, we’re going to continue to be cooperative with the Justice Department throughout this.”

But Sams hinted that there are limits to White House cooperation with the Oversight Committee:

“We received a few letters from the House Oversight Committee in recent weeks…We’re engaging in good faith with them, have reached out to the committee staff to ensure that we are being responsive to these requests,” Sams said.

“Obviously, when you’re in an ongoing investigation like this…you want to protect the integrity of that investigation and safeguard information from the investigation to protect, you know, the law enforcement you know, decision making and things like that.

“But we’re in communication with the Oversight Committee. We’re being — we’re operating in good faith with legitimate oversight requests.”


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