White House Won’t Say Whether Biden Supports NEA Proposal to Replace ‘Mother’ with ‘Birthing Parent’

(CNSNews.com) – The teachers’ union National Education Association (NEA) proposed replacing the word “mother” in contracts with the word “birthing parent” during its annual meeting.

The resolution called New Business Item (NBI) 63 was not voted on, but the NEA could consider it later, Fox News reports.

When asked whether President Joe Biden supports the NEA proposal, the White House refused to comment, referring Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy to the NEA for comment.

“A different topic. The largest labor union in the country, the National Education Association had been proposing a resolution for future contracts to replace the word mother with birthing parent. What does the president think about proposals like that one?” Doocy asked.

“So we’re not the NEA, and I would refer you to their team about that particular question,” White House Correspondent Karine Jean-Pierre said.


“The vice president just spoke at that conference though. The first lady’s a teacher. The president says he’s the most pro-labor president ever. Does he support proposals like that one? Does he think that is an important priority for–” Doocy asked.

“And the first lady’s a proud member of the NEA. I am not going to speak about an organization’s policy or change of policy. I am not their spokesperson, not something that I’m going to do. Yes, the vice president was there on Tuesday,” the press secretary said.

“She spoke at NEA, and when they did regular order, when they did their regular business, she left, so she was also not part of that discussion. Look, this is a policy change. That is not something I can speak to. I refer you to NEA,” she said.


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