Whoopi Goes Crazy on The View, Threatens Gun Owners

As we previously reported, 21 people were killed in an attack by a lone gunman at an elementary school in the small town of Uvalde, Texas. At least 19 students and two adults were among the casualties.

The gunman was killed by police, according to local law enforcement officials.

According to the school’s calendar that listed May 26 as the last day, the attack at Robb Elementary occurred just two days before summer break. The school taught students in grades 2 through 4, and around 600 students attended.

The women of ABC’s “The View” weighed in on the school shooting, because of course they would.

Following the murders of 19 children and two educators by an 18-year-old shooter on Tuesday, the women of “The View” called for gun control. Goldberg said Americans with AR15s “better get ready” to give them up.


“What are we doing? Why are we always at square one with this? And I swear to God, if I see another Republican senator talk about their heart being broken, I’ma go punch somebody,” she declared. “I can’t take it. And your ‘thoughts and prayers.’ If your thoughts and prayers were really with everybody, you’d have done something by now.”

Ana Navarro, who calls herself a conservative, concurred with her liberal co-host.

“What happened after Sandy Hook? We didn’t pass legislation. We taught kids how to do more drills, and we invented bulletproof backpacks,” she started. “And so I would like Republicans — and let’s just say Republicans, because they are the ones that are standing in the way. It is not Congress. Congress, the House of Representatives, has passed a gun reform bill that’s been sitting in the Senate now for months and months. It’s going to get called up again. Republicans are being held hostage by the NRA, which is a gun lobby and a special interest that holds the purse strings.”

Then, amazingly, she managed to bring up the topic of abortion.

“So I would like Republicans to show the same energy that they do for banning books, and banning conversations about gays, and banning conversations about black history, and regulating my uterus, I want them to show the same energy for banning guns,” she exclaimed. “There is no reason why an 18-year-old should have access to weapons of war that can kill children in a matter of seconds.”

Then Goldberg launched into her tirade against guns.

“I want to thank Gov. Abbott because he signed 22 bills this year making it easier for mass shooters to buy, carry, and own guns in his state,” she said sarcastically. “Let’s apply his abortion laws to guns by deputizing citizens to sue anyone involved in gun violence!”

“Actually, let’s invoke some Supreme Court logic, too. (Justice) Alito says abortion is not in the constitution, well, neither are AR-15s. So, I guess the Constitution doesn’t cover them, either,” she continued. “Life is so sacred? Then stop using guns to abort young lives!”

Joy Behar briefly interrupted, saying, “stop voting for Republicans,” a statement Goldberg rejected.

“Don’t stop voting for Republicans, but get better Republicans in there!” she exhorted. “You can have your gun, but you can’t have your AR-15.

“You’re going to get all in my business and tell me what my family can and cannot do, neither can you!” she shouted. “They’re going to come for those AR-15s, and you better get ready to give them up!”

“We are allowing things out there that kill children! And you didn’t do anything the last time. You’ve done nothing since Sandy Hook. Well, I think it’s time for the people to say, ‘We’re going to take this to the courts and we’re going to make you give these guns up because you don’t need to have them.’”


The shooting was discussed by Governor Greg Abbott on Tuesday.

“It is believed that he abandoned his vehicle, then entered into the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde with a handgun, and he may have also had a rifle,” Abbott said. “He shot and killed, horrifically and incomprehensibly.”

Yesterday, Kari Donovan reported for Republic Brief that:

Uvalde School District officials say they had been monitoring its students’ social media pages using an advanced AI-based service called Social Sentinel but had somehow missed the potential killer in a surprising admission of how their focus for detecting danger was totally off.

The software is designed to find signs of potential harm in digital conversations but missed the teen’s photo-op.

On Ramos, he had shared an image to his since-scrubbed Instagram account of him cradling the magazine of a rifle on his lap.

The district revealed Monday it had been using the platform ‘to monitor all social media with a connection to Uvalde as a measure to identify any possible threats that might be made against students and or staff within the school district.’

According to a 2020 press release about the software Social Sentinel was supposed to have detected the problem:

RICHFIELD, Ohio, Oct. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Navigate360 has announced the acquisition of Social Sentinel, a linguistics technology company that scans and analyzes digital content to identify potential safety and security threats as well as mental health and social and emotional signals.

By incorporating Social Sentinel into the Navigate360 umbrella, leaders in the education and business spheres now benefit from another powerful tool designed to help keep their students and employees safe.

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