Why are the Detroit Tigers Funneling Money to Gender Transition Surgeries for Minors?

The Detroit Tigers are sending proceeds from their Pride Games to organizations which encourage gender transition surgeries for minors

June 1st marks the date of the Detroit Tigers’ “Pride Night” game, which is dedicated to “celebrat[ing] our Pride community partners, friends, and families.”

The Tigers have been hosting “Pride” themes events since 2018’s “Pride Pack Day.”

However, this year’s “Pride” event is different and offers financial support to LGBT organizations.

From the National Review:

But what’s noticeable about this year’s event is that the Tigers website offers “a chance to support a local Pride organization of your choice” when users purchase tickets at the checkout page for the event.

As LGBT organizations and “Pride” as a whole has moved further and further towards the radical left,  so too have the groups which the Tigers are going to be funneling ticket money to.

Some of these groups even promote transgender identification among children. And some of those groups go so far as to push gender transition surgeries and hormone replacement therapy for said children.


One group, PFLAG of Detroit, wrote that “teaching there are only two genders may make youth of different identities, genders or orientations not feel included,” and promotes a “Public Library Project dedicated to donating Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgender-positive books to public libraries for a greater understanding of the real lives of our children.”

Another, the “Trans Sistas of Color Project” funds, and would fund through the money received by the Tigers, organizations and individuals who perform “chest reconstruction and/or genital reassignment surgery,” “trans surgery and transition doulas [sic] who support and tend to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of trans people undergoing gender-affirming surgeries,” along with groups such as “Trans Minors Rights,” whom “advocate for empowering transgender youth to make their own decisions regarding puberty blockers.”

Yet another, Fair Michigan, advocates for introducing sexual orientation and gender identity protections into Michigan’s civil-rights laws which would essentially dismantle sex-oriented protections while restricting criticism of gender ideology.

Corktown Health, an LGBT healthcare provider, provides hormones to patients as young as 16 years of age.

These are the groups which Tigers fans would end up supporting if they buy tickets to the “Pride Night” game. Radical left gender zealots who want to, at best, indoctrinate our children and in some instances even push for medical procedures.

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