Why Don’t We Hear Stories About Guns Protecting People?

       If you simply listen to the evening news lately, it may sound like the country has gone crazy with everyone shooting everyone else. Every time an innocent person is killed and especially when groups of innocent people are shot or killed, the media is there decrying the weapons used to kill rather than blaming the person who pulled the trigger.

         Democrat politicians race each other to find a microphone and call for new restrictions on our Constitutional right, ignoring the fact that gun control doesn’t work. 

         As we get pounded with the same message over and over, trying to drum up support for a failed program, the left ignores stories like that of the mother in Louisiana who protected her two young children when a career criminal tried to force his way into her home with a shovel and a lug wrench. They got into a physical alteration, and you can probably figure out how that was going. The mother was able to get the gun she had in her home. She fired one shot and killed the intruder.

         Not only was the intruder, Robert Rheams, a known criminal, he had carried about a successful mini-crime spree hours before he was killed, probably against unarmed people. Law Enforcement Today reported that investigators found that the intruder’s last night began when he apparently “robbed two people in a parking lot and then a convenience store before trying to carjack a good Samaritan.”

         Rheams actually did manage to carjack the vehicle and force the driver to get him away from the convenience store. However, Rheams attacked the driver, punching and choking him. This caused the driver to veer into a ditch, and the driver was able to get away. Rheams tried to drive the vehicle himself, but it was stuck, so he ran off.


         A few hours later, he came to an end against an armed mother protecting her family.

         So why aren’t incidents like this played up like shootings where innocent people are killed? Most likely, it’s because the stories don’t line up with the left’s narrative that citizens have no need to carry a gun. They should rely on police to help them (the very same police whose numbers have shrunk because of the left’s efforts to defund them) or community programs.

         Armed citizens are citizens who can protect themselves, not only against criminals but an overreaching government. The latter was one of the reasons it was included in the U.S. Constitution.

         Every year, the crime statistics will point to incidents where the victim of a violent crime survived because they were armed. However, incidents where the gun was actually used are just the tip of the iceberg. It is harder to find incidents where someone simply brandishing a weapon was able to protect themselves. Then there are incidents where a crime was never attempted because the criminal knew the victim was armed.

         Yet, the Democrats want to disarm American citizens. That begs the question who they are representing in the halls of government? It’s certainly not the law-abiding citizens. Which means that they probably shouldn’t be in government at all.


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