Yale-Divinity-School-Alum Preacher: ‘God is Gay’

The Rev. Dr. Caleb J. Lines, who holds master’s degrees in theology and divinity from the Yale Divinity School, posted a video of himself on Facebook this week in which he states that “God is gay.”

“God is gay. God is a lesbian. God is trans. God is gender non-binary. God is straight. God is cisgender,” Lines says on the video.

“God is black. God is white. God is Middle Eastern. God is Asian,” he says.

“God is differently abled, mentally and physically. God is able bodied,” says Lines.

“God is you and you are God, because you are a reflection of God’s divine image,” he says.


In the video, Lines is wearing a stole that features rainbow colors on both its right and left sides.

Lines serves as the senior minister at the University Christian Church in San Diego, Calif., according to the church’s website.

In a webpage on Lines’ background, the church’s website says that Lines has a doctor of ministry degree from the Duke Divinity School, a master of sacred theology degree from Yale Divinity School, a master of divinity from Yale Divinity School, a bachelor of arts degree from Missouri State, and also a nonprofit finances certificate from Cornell.

“He has a passion for pursuing social justice for the marginalized, demonstrating the Good News of God’s radically inclusive love, and proclaiming a relevant message for today’s ever-changing world,” says the webpage.


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